Well, have you had enough water today?


An innovative and future-oriented treatment system for personalized drinking water with a central control.

Innovative Design
User Interface
3D Animation
Invention Design
Prof. David Oswald, Maurice Rio

The Idea

Tapin offers personalized, needs-based nutrient supply via the drinking water and is fully integrated into your kitchen.

The actual needs of the user are determined by using measurements from an innovative blood analysis via fingerscan. Accordingly the water is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

TapDisplay of Tapin which controls the system

What tapin can do for you

Tapin has a lot of tasks to master in order to replace water filter carafes, kettles, bottled water, nutritional supplements and bottled syrups or soft drinks.

Tapin Features Filter

The tap water is filtered for the further treatment

Tapin Features Temper

The water is tempered between icy-cold and boiling

Tapin Features Carbonize

Carbonation as strong as you want, from still to bubbly to strong sparkling

Tapin Features Mineralize and Vitaminize
Mineralize & Vitaminize

Minerals are adjusted to your individual body values ​​and needs

Tapin Features Flavor

Choose from a variety of delicious flavored syrups


Automatically connect to the tapin system via NFC for fast water dispensing

TapBottles of Tapin which connect via NFC


Mineral, vitamin and flavor cartridges which are sent to tapin and refilled

TapCartridges of Tapin which provide minerals, vitamins and flavor


Prevents the uncontrolled dispensing of hot water and must be unlocked

Safety Lock of Tapin which prevents the dispense of hot water


Controls the system and includes sensor for recording the nutritional values

TapDisplay of Tapin which controls the system


Two faucets, the large one for normal tap water and the smaller faucet for individual drinks. Seamlessly integrated into the kitchen worktop.

TapSystem dispensing tap water for individual drinks

Configuration via the TapButton

Temperature and carbonation are continuously adjusted using the rotary control on the right side of the screen.

TabBottle quickly connects to the system via NFC

Dispensing a drink is quick, this is achieved via fast NFC connectivity. During the output, colored LED rings provide information about the progress.

Innovative sensor technology measures blood values

The innovative infrared sensor, which is in development at the Max Planck Institute, measures the nutritional values in the user's blood.

Drink reminder on TapBottle and mobile app

The LED ring on the TapBottle will flash when it is time for the user to drink. The mobile app also provides information about the current hydration status.

the User

We designed the profiles of Henrik and Amira to visualize our target group and to show the exciting interactions and use cases with tapin.
user need statement

Health-conscious parents who need smart and reliable nutritional support in order to keep themselves and their family healthy.


How might we integrate a smart nutrition system in their home?

How might we provide them with personalized nutritional supplements?

How might we provide them with a system that caters to the needs of all family members?

Home Screen with Configuration

This is the default screen. Favorite drinks are displayed depending on the time of day. In addition, new drinks can be configured.

Personal Profile Screen

On the personal profile, users can view their measured values ​​and configure and change their favorite drinks.

Overlay of Personalization

On this overlay, the user receives information about the status of his analysis.

The result of this project was, among other things, this video which visualizes the use by Henrik and Amira.

With the 3d simulation below we were able to bring the concept to life and get a glimpse of the future.