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Itery Lightdisco

A new, interactive operating concept for creative lamp control. Part of the project was the development of an interactive concept, as well as prototyping with Arduino and the evaluation of the concept through user testings.

Interface Design
User Testings
3D Animation
Interface Design
Hannah Wels,
Eugenio Frassica
Prof. Michael Schuster

The idea

With itery you become a light DJ. Impressive light beats can be played and repeated. Create simple beats or complex compositions and take your house party to the next level.

New operating concepts were developed, prototyped with an Arduino Uno and put to the test in user tests.

Itery light DJ system complete
please scroll
Damn, you are a natural talent

how it works

Itery controls lamps in a room. Beats are recorded on the drumpads and are played back using the loop button. This creates a light composition.

How exactly the operation of itery can look like is shown in the adjacent video and explained using the Arduino prototype.

Drum Icon itery
Play light beats
Record and Play Icon itery
Record & Play
Loop light beats
Color change Icon itery
Change lamp colors
Automatic Mode Icon itery
Play light beats
Reset light beats Icon itery
Delete light beats
Pause to stop light beats Icon itery
Stop light beats

the components

Itery is a modular system. Its components can be arranged individually to match the lamp setup in the room.


Control the lamps and their brightness through pressure-sensitive surface.

Rendering of itery drumpads to control lamps


The heart of the product offers pause, reset and the loop.

Rendering of controlpanel for pause, reset and loop


Controls the colors and brightness of the lamps and offers preset modes.

Rendering of itery Colorpanel to control colors


Allows switching between manual and three different automatic modes.

Rendering of itery Autopanel which offers automatic modes


Can be set up variably in the room and connected via bluetooth.

Rendering of itery lamps connected via bluetooth


Is a modular system for individual arrangement of the modules.

Rendering of itery system with all components

the prototype

To validate our assumptions about the interactions with the system, we built an Arduino prototype and performed user testings.

Cardboard Prototype of Itery
Arduino Loop Button


Simple Button

Arduino Colorwheel as Rotary Encoder


Rotary Encoder

Arduino Drumpads with Velostat Mats


Velostat Mats

Arduino Reset Button


Simple Button

Arduino Pause Button


Simple Button

Arduino Lamps with RGB Stripes


RGB Stripes

Team Arduino Eugenio and Tanja
Arduino Cables and Connections
Complete Itery Arduino Prototype

During the project, my kitchen became a prototype workshop and we first developed a single flashing LED and then gradually the whole system.